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Kalnins Health and Safety Consulting specializes in site assessment for regulatory health and safety compliance.  Our consulting services are the most cost effective way to supplement management expertise for small and medium businesses to ensure health and safety compliance with government regulations. Training services in large and small environments ensure employees appreciate the importance of compliance on an ongoing basis.

My name is John Kalnins. I was raised in New York and relocated to Denver 25 years ago. I have worked many of the large housing and commercial development job sites  in various roles from Castle Rock to Fort Morgan to Greeley over the last two decades. I know the work. I know the risks. I have the formal training.


First and foremost, I care about the employees on the job site. Helping management make sure their health and safety is a priority is at the core of everything I do.

An accident on a construction site or in a business can cost an organization hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars. It can also cost an employee their life and the family loss of a loved one and livelihood. This is all in my mind as I conduct my site inspections and make recommendations. What I do is critical to the ongoing viability of the company and the people that work for them.

The greatest satisfaction I get from what I do is that I know that I save lives with the recommendations that I make and the issues that I point out on  a site that need to be corrected. I can also make recommendations for the most cost effective way to remediate issues and it becomes a win-win situation for the employee and employer.


  • Bachelor of Science Degree, Business Management
  • 25 years of experience in demolition, excavation, asphalt, concrete construction. I  have 10 years experience inspecting mines.
  • Over 1800 hours of mine safety training thru MSHA where regulatory health and safety requirements are far in excess of what is required for OSHA.
  • Serving Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, New Mexico,Arizona, Utah and South Dakota.
  • Offering Silica Sampling and Remediation Services in Denver and the Colorado Area
  • Also Offering OSHA Training

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